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About MASCLab

Media and Social Change Lab (MASCLab) supports media creation intended to spark social change, and the critical curation of and engagement with media through the lens of its impact on society.  Our research and scholarship interrogates how media and society influence each other, multimedia-based research methodologies, and the development of pedagogy that uses media to foster civic engagement. MASCLab is housed in the Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design Program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

MASCLab organizes events focused on the intersection between media and social change, facilitates collaborative engagement in various research and media projects, puts out publications in academic and non-academic venues, and provides support for relevant courses.


Weekly Meetings: MASCLab is located on the 5th floor of Russell Hall (DFI space) at Teachers College, Columbia University. We meet Wednesdays 12-1 pm. Join us! Our meeting are open to the university community! Note: For information on online meetings and other events and opportunities, register for our mailing list at the link below.

Mailing List: The best way to keep in touch and up to date is to join the MASCLab mailing list. We usually email once each week.


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