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Media & Civic Engagement

MASCLab's Media & Civic Engagement group explores issues concerning how people interact with media and make sense of themselves and the world around them. The group has a handful of teams that have focused their research at the intersection of news, social media and activism.

Lamboozled! Goes Digital!

Following the successful launch of the LAMBOOZLED! Card Game, we’re currently working on creating a digital version of the game! Utilizing the affordances of digital and online spaces, the team is exploring ways to increase interactivity, broaden the audience beyond youth, and to reflect the digital news ecosystem of today.

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Lamboozled! Card Game

Given recent concerns about the spread of misinformation in online spaces, MASCLab's Media Literacy group has developed a card game to hone young people’s media literacy skills, with a focus on identifying fake news and misinformation.

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Now available through TC Press! 

Short Video and News Team

This team's research focuses on exploring how Chinese youth engage with news content on China's short video platforms such as Douyin and WeChat. The study seeks to investigate Chinese youth's perspectives on social media within a wider communication and pop culture context. Moreover, we aim to contribute to the relatively limited research on Chinese social media studies in Western academia by providing a unique perspective on this topic

You can contact us via email:
Lisa Lei at

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The Red Team

Our project investigates how social media users advocate for women's issues in China, focusing on the activism against menstrual shaming on the social media platform Xiaohongshu, a culturally significant but understudied platform used primarily by women. It contributes to this gap by exploring the discourse around menstrual shaming on Xiaohongshu, as a lens into the dynamics of activism on this female-oriented platform. 

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