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LAMBOOZLED! Goes Digital!

Following the successful launch of the LAMBOOZLED! Card Game, we’re currently working on a digital version of the game! Utilizing the affordances of digital and online spaces, the team is exploring ways to increase interactivity, broaden the audience beyond youth, and reflect the digital news ecosystem of today.


As the images here show, the game is situated in the fictional sheep town of Green Meadows, where, as the game’s tagline reads, “some news stories just want to pull the wool over your eyes!” Players must help the sheep citizens of Green Meadows figure out what’s true and what’s not by using their skills to verify the credibility of news sources, and help solve a mysterious disappearance of a fellow journalist prior to the upcoming mayoral election.

The Digital Lamboozled! project is an ongoing initiative led by Dr. Literat and Dr. Chang, with various students joining and supporting along the way. Our current active members, including Abu Abdelbagi, Jianan Liang, Lisa Lei, Mara Danoff, Helen Song, Xichen Li and Monica Meng, have made significant contributions to the project. We would like to express our gratitude to all previous members who have devoted their time and effort to this project.

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