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Learning About Fake News Through Play

Grounded in current research on news literacy and youth media practices, LAMBOOZLED! is a deck-building card game set in the fictional sheep town of Green Meadows — where, as the game’s tagline reads, “some news stories just want to pull the wool over your eyes!” Players must help the sheep citizens of Green Meadows figure out what’s true and what’s not, by using their best evidence to win them over. Now available through TC Press!

Here is a walkthrough of how to play the game:

Check out this video to learn more about the process of designing LAMBOOZLED!

Background Music: Adventure from the album Motion by Chad Crouch
CC BY NC 3.0 :

The team has been working on a digital game, as well as expanding our research on innovative approaches to media literacy education.

Click here to learn more!

Core LAMBOOZLED! team: Ioana Literat, Yoo Kyung Chang, Jonathan Gardner, Joey Eisman, Azsaneé Truss, Charlotte Price, Amy Chapman.

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