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Welcome to Podfest 2022!

In 2022, MASCLab expanded Podfest to a week long celebration of media making and multimodal scholarship. During the Week of April 11th we hosted open labs and an in-person showcase. 

The in-person showcase took place on Thursday, April 14th (4-6pm, Smith Learning Theater) 

The following teams presented during the 2022 podfest:


Podcasting team – Monday 4/11 11-12pm (EST)

Multimodal Scholarship Working Group – Tuesday 4/12 1-2pm (EST) 

Media Literacy Interest Group – Wednesday 4/13 9-10am (EST)

General MASCLab Weekly Meeting – Wednesday 4/13 from 12-1pm (EST)

#JustLit Team – Thursday 4/14 9-10am (EST)

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